Yes, I love sun-kissed, sun drenched days. Who doesn’t? BUT not everyday is like that, as a I write this looking at 8” of snow in the beginning of March! Take a look at the images below, all taken on days that came with “challenges”. It’s like life though, isn’t it?

Not every day is perfect but that really depends on the way you look at it.

For both of the images above it started as a beautiful day, then heading into the last outfit, the weather turned on a dime. Clouds rushed in, the wind cranked up and it started raining, no, it started pouring! Laughing and screaming we ran for cover and just kept going on with the photoshoot.

The photoshoot below took place the day before the pre-Thanksgiving 6” snowfall. It was freeeeeeezing and beyond blustery. What you don’t see are the handwarmers everyone has in their hands and pockets. We tried to move around a lot, again laughed about the craziness of it all and then went home to defrost!

None of these girls got upset, if anything it became more of an adventure. Rain or shine, warm, cold, windy, heat….we’re going to get beautiful images because …

honestly I believe everyday is a beautiful day for a photoshoot

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