High School Senior girl spinning.jpg

Not too long ago we (Mr. Paige P., my kids and I) were talking about one of those very, very frustrating (aka enraging) events that happen when you have kids. Later, they become kind of funny. As we were rehashing one of these "events" and laughing, my son said, 

Mom just waved her magic wand and it was all better again.

Obviously I don't have a magic wand but I love the fact that he thinks I do! Where am I going with this? Oddly enough I was recently asked the question: If you had a magic wand and could give your clients anything what would it be? That's an easy one. My magic wand is my intention. I have the same intention for whomever is in front of my camera.

It is to feel like they are completely lost in the joy of the moment, that anything is possible and that they are beautiful both inside and out.

I carry that intention with me into every single photoshoot. I want you to feel my images at the same time that you're seeing them. It's not a magic wand but I find it just as magical.

Spring is just around the corner, a season that makes you feel anything is possible.  It's the perfect time for both high school senior and junior girls to book their senior pictures. Get in touch.