It was morning just after everyone had left for work or gone to school. I wandered into her room looking for something she had borrowed and inevitably hadn't returned. All of us with a daughter knows what that's like.

The sunlight was filtering in, her sheets all bunched up, it even smelled like her and there lay lamby.

The one she and her cousins received as Christmas presents when they were one. I stopped in my tracks and choked up. How much longer will I walk in and see that. Just when you think they're all grown up there are little reminders that they aren't quite yet. I walk into my child's room next door, all neat and tidy looking like nobody has been there, because he hasn't been. He's at college. This is one of quite literally hundreds of reasons that I can list as to why you need to have beautiful, emotive photographs of your child before they go away to school. The lamby in your child's life and unmade beds aren't going to be there forever.