I started photographing teen girls because it was fun and I really love working with that age. Sounds frivolous, but that's what I wanted to do. I wasn't out to change lives. We'd laugh a lot, spin, dance, make beautiful images and call it a day. Then I began listening more carefully during their gallery reveal. I started filming the girls when they picked up their final order going through their images. Here's what I learned.


You would think that these girls are brimming with confidence. They aren't. Every single one of them say, I was nervous, I didn't think I could be in front of the camera and look this good. To which I reply, This is the way everyone sees you. All of the time. They take it in and I see a spark.They flat out tell me (and I haven't asked!) they feel more confident.


Every picture tells a story and they treasure that. When I ask them to pull their favorites prints here's what happens. First, it's a challenge because every print is their favorite. Then, once they settle on a handful of prints they tell me why it means so much to them. It doesn't have to do with how pretty they look but how they felt, the story behind the location, what they were wearing....


I'm now circling back to my initial intent, just having fun. Sounds so basic. Right? They have their friends, sports, after school activities, they get lots of chances to have fun. Not so much. To be allowed to act silly, laugh and get lost in the moment is an opportunity they so rarely get. To forget everything around them and to soak in this special time in their lives is well, special. That isn't lost on them. At all.

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That's my confession. I didn't set out to do all this but the girls keep telling me that's how they feel. How do you want to make your daughter feel? Now is the time to book a photoshoot. Get in touch.