Brandyn Randolph a co-founder of Secret Savant asked if she could interview me about Paige P. Photography. I was flattered and a little nervous, thinking why me! I like Brandyn a whole lot, so of course I said sure. We sat down in March and below is our conversation.

In this interview:

1:09 How I landed in Seniors Photography

3:40 Getting lost in the moment and why it's important

5:10 The real truth behind photographing only girls

5:56 Senior Squad

7:30 My Why and who doesn't want to feel like a 16 year old

10:18 The business side

13:25 Believing vs. Being

14:24 What's next?

16:38 Fun Questions



I tell them the first 30 seconds are going to feel really weird and then after that they just get lost and let everything go.

This is literally the last days of them being a kid... I've seen it.

I want you to feel the images I create.

A lot of people say you have to believe and honestly I don't love that word. You have to BE it.

This is the first time in my life when I haven't thought what would I do next.

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