FOMO; fear of missing out. I see it on t-shirts, coffee cups and everywhere on social media. I have to be honest, I don’t love it. Why can’t we just be and I don’t mean sitting around doing nothing but to follow the little voice in our heads that says follow me, this is going to be good. It’s a feeling that pulls at your heart

urging you to go do it, be it, explore it, feel it, not from fear that you’re missing out but in anticipation that this is something you truly want to do.

If I were to do some type of statistical analysis (which I totally can’t!) of the girls I’ve photographed I would say the majority of them have followed that voice in their head saying I’m nervous but I really want to do this. Once they’ve tapped into their heart and gotten out of their head…that’s when the magic happens. Just like Leah, who I know started a little nervous (for about a minute!). Follow your heart, that’s my specialty. I can help you with that.