I can’t remember exactly how the saying goes but it’s something to the effect that the best of plans don’t always work out. Unfortunately we were having one of those mornings. I’m not a morning person neither are teens which is why I never schedule morning photoshoots, except for this one. In walked Kate, visibly stressed, with her mom, definitely stressed, carrying half of Kate’s closet with her. Good morning!? Not an ideal start or typical, for that matter, to a photoshoot day. Due to scheduling SNAFUs and weather challenges we were now in a different season going back and forth about outfit choices that everyone was happy with, which is why, half the closet traveled to the shoot. BUT it was a gorgeous day outside! We put the music on, took a deep breath and channeled our good vibes. We then tackled the outfit dilemmas and had ourselves a day. A really, really good day! Perfect proof that…

Some days are not all unicorns and rainbows BUT that all depends on how you look at it.

Kate was part of my Freshman Crew this past fall. Not sure what that is? Do you have a middle school daughter who you think would be interested? Get on the mailing list! Send an email with your daughter’s name and age.