I love to style photoshoots. I know I’m stating the obvious since that’s what most people ask for when they come to me. I really love going through their closets, drawers all while we’re chatting and I’m getting a sense of her personality. It’s not unusual for me to get texts with a pic of them wearing one of the outfits to school the following day. It’s a time that we get to know each other and it goes a long way towards making her comfortable the day of the photoshoot.

When I met Anja her styling appointment didn’t quite go that way…

I thought she was going to be one of the rare instances that her photoshoot might not work out

which is why I absolutely love Anja and am so super proud of this photoshoot. Anja is quiet, was unsure of doing a photoshoot AND had just gone through a growth spurt with nothing that fit from last fall. We’ve all been there as moms, rushing to get their kids outfitted in a whole new set of clothes. I could go on and on about how great this day turned out but I’d rather you take a look below and see for yourself.


Anja was part of my Freshman Crew this past fall. Not sure what that is? Do you have a middle school daughter who you think would be interested? Get on the mailing list! Send an email with your daughter’s name and age.