Magical is the best word to use in describing this particular set of pictures. I can’t pinpoint it to when the clouds parted allowing the sun to peek out at the perfect moment, or to the outfit that echoed the field or even to when Victoria put on that hat her whole persona shifted. I saw it in her eyes. It all came together, magically. When her parents saw the pictures they asked ...

why don’t you shoot commercially?

It’s a huge compliment to hear this and I’ve been asked it before. I’ll tell you the answer. I LOVE getting to the essence of a person. I LOVE finding the right outfit, location and getting whomever is in front of my lens to feel incredible in their own skin. That to me is far more gratifying than saying I’m a commercial photographer. If I can make a difference in people’s lives and offer prints that they’ll have forever then I feel fulfilled. That’s why I do what I do.

Victoria was part of my Freshman Crew this past fall. Not sure what that is? Do you have a middle school daughter who you think would be interested? Get on the mailing list! Send an email with your daughter’s name and age.