I’m going to play a little bit of she said/she said. Yep, you read that correctly. At the gallery appointment Olivia’s mom had told me that she really hesitated booking this photoshoot because she wasn’t sure Olivia was going to get the most from it and…well, here you go… she said/she said…

I doubted your ability to get her to let go, and capture that carefree, natural smile… -Olivia’s mom
The whole process was so exciting! I loved getting all ready and feeling so pretty while taking the photos. It felt so natural and was a ton of fun. Seeing the end results was also amazing. I really was shocked at how beautiful they turned out! - Olivia
You proved me wrong! You were able to capture emotions that I would not be able to do myself, and that I believe many other photographers would not have been as successful at capturing.  Thank you for this wonderful experience! - Olivia’s mom

I love a happy ending! (and middle and beginning…:))

Olivia was part of my Freshman Crew this past fall. Not sure what that is? Do you have a middle school daughter who you think would be interested? Get on the mailing list! Send an email with your daughter’s name and age.