I obviously hit a nerve with the posts about high school seniors being undecided and what comes next. The May 1 college decision deadline has come and gone. It doesn’t mean that this is it though. This isn’t a do or die decision. I think so many people make it out to be. As a matter of fact, I think there is so much hype and absolutism surrounding the college application and search process that it’s causing the indecision. Nothing is permanent. Life is full of options and always will be. It has helped, for us, to keep that in mind. This is our story…


My daughter, Riley was completely up in the air about what to do after graduating. The college touring/selection process wasn’t new to us having an older son. At the end of her Junior year we started with small in state and gradually expanded our search to, in the end, east of the continental divide (not even kidding!) and large. But she didn’t have that ahah moment. The moment when they step onto campus and say this is where I want to be. She didn’t get into, what she thought, was her top school (even though we hadn’t seen it yet). Then came the point where she wasn’t even sure she wanted to start college right away. She wanted to travel. We researched study abroad options and we continued visiting/revisiting the colleges she was accepted to. This year has been a process. It’s been a roller coaster ride. Riley decided on a big ten school far from home. She’s excited and looking forward to it. After a year, if she loves it, we’ll be thrilled, if not, there are always options. Nothing is ever a sure thing which is one big life lesson right there!

As a parent it has been really difficult to watch the indecision but it has also been a time for growth. My daughter has learned to trust her intuition and know that she can figure things out on her own. For me I’ve learned to let go a little bit more, which hurts, a lot - as I whisper to myself nothing is permanent.

Wishing you nothing but happiness with the decisions you’ve made.