I originally started speaking with Julia’s mom at a local boutique about a year ago. It turns out that she had my name and contact information waiting to book a photoshoot for Julia when she was going to be a senior (I love happy coincidences). The first time I met Julia was at her styling appointment among piles of clothes…piles! I knew pretty quickly that she really wasn’t sure what her mother had gotten her into. Hair and makeup, for starters, was a concern.

Now it’s time for me to give a shout out to Lina, my hair and makeup artist. She does fresh, natural, glowing skin like no other and that is not an easy thing to do. There are some girls who prefer a bit more makeup, we talk about it and accommodate them, to an extent. I don’t think girls this age need extra anything. That was Julia’s line of thinking as well so by the time we were through with hair and makeup she was a lot more comfortable.

What else was she worried about? Well, it turns out that she thought this was going to be very serious which makes me laugh. We photographed in fields upon fields, we had an unexpected visitor (a horse!) and went to the beach. By the end I knew Julia could have kept on going. On our way off the beach she said to me

That wasn’t serious at all. It was really fun!

Like I said earlier, it made me laugh. Serious is not our “thing”. What is our “thing” is, laughing, getting lost in the moment and getting out of your head.

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