We had rescheduled Emily’s photoshoot twice and FINALLY the weather was cooperating. Emily is a dancer and I knew she was going to be completely at ease from the start. Which she was. While we were “at work” Keira was sitting quietly with her mom a little bit off in the distance, watching her big sister’s photoshoot. She had the kind of look most little sisters have when watching their older sister doing something grown up. As we were finishing up I looked over at Keira…

Come on in Keira...you didn’t think I wasn’t going to include you. Did you?

She absolutely lit up and then Emily lit up. I absolutely love the bond between siblings. Check back next week and I’ll start at the beginning because there’s another part to this shoot.

teen portraits
teen girl in grass.jpg
sisters portrait
sisters laughing in grass

One of my favorite sisters photoshoot is here.