I’m pretty much a fly by the seat of your pants type of girl. As much as I like to control everything that happens at a photoshoot I’d say there’s about 30% winging it. There’s always something…whether it’s when the weather takes a nose dive during the shoot or a location I typically use is inundated with people or animals…you get the idea.


For this particular shoot it was the wardrobe. The one thing I usually have locked down preshoot.

Rachel is from Connecticut and the styling appointment was via Skype. We put together a few outfits but I could tell she wasn’t crazy about her selection so I gave her suggestions for additional things she might want to borrow from friends or shop for. She arrived with an enormous armful of clothes and I was thrilled. I love options!

Why do outfit changes matter? Because pre-shoot I map out location, outfit, sequence of locations….(honestly there’s a method to my madness). While Rachel was having her hair and makeup done I’m now mapping out the shoot from scratch. She brought this amazing long blue dress that they were calling the goddess dress. Straight to the field in that dress. Typically we start off swooshing a bit and then depending on how that goes we’ll full on spin. In the middle of swooshing and laughing Rachel yelled

Can I keep doing this? Can I spin all the way around? This is so much fun!

I said to Riley (my daughter/assistant)

Oh my gosh she’s my kind of girl! YESSSSSSS!

Do you believe in magic? I do. I see it happen at just about every photoshoot.

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