Kids messy rooms really have never been at the top of my priority list. Meaning that closing the door and leaving it, is one less battle to pick. 

But you know what? I’ve recently realized there’s a far more significant reason why I don’t mind the messiness. Here’s how it happened...

I spent the day cleaning my son’s room. I’m talking deep clean...hours on end picking up, cleaning up. He’s back at college. I was dragging my feet but it was time to get in there.

Do you know why I was procrastinating? I didn’t… until I was in this sparkling, neat and tidy  room. Then I looked around and realized I was in someone else’s room!

It felt completely void of my big, messy, noisy son.

I’ve always been one to say perfection is not my thing. And now I know without a shadow of doubt it really is NOT. Give me messy, imperfection because that’s where, I believe, personality shines through.


P.S. This is my way of saying I won’t be editing out anything that takes away from the personality of your portraits, stray hairs and all!

P.P.S. If you’re all in with muddy sneakers and random sports equipment across the house share this with other moms just like us.