Senior Portraits, Beautiful girl
Senior Portraits, Beautiful girl

Sam goes to University of Delaware.

HOW I MET MY CLOSEST FRIENDS: Being on the Division 1 swim team I came here and immediately found my second family and made my best friends. My roommates both swim so we connected instantly. I've met some of the greatest people in such a short time.

DORM ADVICE: Try and keep it clean the best you can! It makes for a better work space and having a clean room can always make you feel good. Try and buy cute things for your dorm that really make you feel at home.

DORM, GREEK, OTHER: It's hard to get into bars in Delaware since they are very strict on fakes. We go to a lot of frats and sport houses.

A TYPICAL WEEKEND IS: If it's sunny or nice out, usually at a Dage (day party) with hundreds of people. Night life is usually at a frat.

LATE NIGHT CRAVINGS: Ben and Jerrys the late night show ice cream.

MOST FUN CAMPUS TRADITION: Homecoming weekend or Dages. ( Day parties)

FAVORITE ON/OFF CAMPUS DISCOVERY: I found a hammock the other day near this little creek. It's super nice to go hang out down there if I need some alone time.

STUDY TIP: Don't procrastinate. Find a quiet spot and try to get right to work.

SECRET STUDY SPOT: There is a tree on our main Green which is basically a huge lawn. The tree is in the corner and there is always a mixture of sun and shade. it's an awesome place to get away from everyone.

BEST CUP OF COFFEE: Any of the Starbucks on campus or this local place called Brew Haha.


MOST USED APP: Canvas. It shows me all the work I have due and when I have upcoming exams.

HOMESICKNESS: I miss my family the most when I am having a bad day. My sister wrote me a two page letter before I left for school. I always read that when I miss home. I also call my family when I start to miss home. I talk to them almost everyday.



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