High School girl in black top for portrait
High School girl in black top for portrait

It sounds like Catie is having a lot of fun down in Miami. Honestly, who wouldn't?! Read below.

Secret Study spot: The glider tables outside my dorm are definitely my favorite place to study. It’s the perfect way to study, enjoy the fresh air, and tan all at the same time.

Late night cravings: Night Owl Cookies. These cookies are literally the most amazing things ever. My personal favorite is the Nutella filled one.

Most fun campus traditions: Homecoming weekend is so much fun! There’s so many things to do and so many people on campus. The weekend starts off with our traditional boat burning ceremony and fireworks, which was so cool to watch.

Dorm, Bar or Greek?: All of the above. There is so much to do in Miami. There are a bunch of clubs in South Beach that are so much fun to go to. Every Thursday, students go to Coconut Grove where all the college bars are. There’s nothing better than Sandbar on a Thursday night! But if you’re not into that, the frats are always doing something.

A typical weekend is….: There’s usually a frat party on Friday that has a fun theme. Saturday’s are for tailgates during football season. After football season there are usually fun pool parties to go to. Sunday is for studying and starting the work that you should have started on Friday.

How I met my closest friends: I met my closest friends in my dorm and in my classes.

Best study tip: Start studying a few days before the test and learn a little each night. Cramming the night before a test may have worked in high school, but it definitely does not work in college!

Best cup of coffee can be found: I don’t really drink coffee, but I’ve heard that the Vicky Café has really good coffee.

Recent google search: Urban Outfitters

Most used app: SnapChat

When I missed my family the most/how I got over it: The first few weeks of school were hard because I was always used to always being with my twin sister. FaceTimeing everyday is important to us, but I still miss her!

Skype or FaceTime: FaceTime

Last time I did laundry: Yesterday. I’m really good about doing laundry at least once a week.

Dorm advice: Keep your door open when you’re in your room! It’s the best way to meet people when you move in and how I made most of my friends. Sent from my iPhone.