Girl laughing in blue dress for senior pictures
Girl laughing in blue dress for senior pictures

Victoria spent her first semester abroad in Switzerland which she talks about a little bit and then off to USC she went. Read below.

Secret Study spot: outside in the USC Village

Late night cravings: kraft microwave Mac and cheese

Most fun campus traditions: Conquest: a big event with music and food and performances that kicks off the week of the USC-UCLA football game; also just the amount of school spirit- everyone owns so much USC clothing/merchandise and wears it all the time, to the point where all of our folders and binders and flash drives say USC and we have absolutely no shame!

Dorm, Bar or Greek?: start in dorm end at Greek on the Row

A typical weekend is: exploring LA during the day, whether it be hiking up to the Hollywood Sign or heading over to Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach, and hitting the Row at night

How I met my closest friends: Welcome Week activities and being introduced to the friends of the people I met then

Club favorites: Share A Meal, where we go around South Central LA and feed the homeless, and a club where we walk seeing eye dogs in training

Best study tip: If you have a calm night with not much work, look at your syllabi and try to get ahead on work so that you’re not up until 4am at the end of the week!

Best cup of coffee can be found: 24-hour Starbucks across from Levy Library

Favorite discovery on campus/off campus: on- Baked Bear in the USC Village (custom ice cream sandwiches!) off- Santa Monica third street promenade

Recent google search: USC map

Most used app: lyft

When I missed my family the most/how I got over it: first few weeks after getting to school once everything calmed down, and towards the middle of the semester when it had been a few months since I’d seen them. FaceTime is a beautiful thing, and texting your parents every day really helps!

Skype or FaceTime: facetime

Last time I did laundry: this morning

Dorm advice: what I’ve found most important about choosing a roommate is making sure you have similar sleep schedules (it is really annoying to have to fall asleep with the lights on every night or be woken up by an early riser) and that you are equally messy/neat- if you go random, don’t lie and say you’re nearer than you are! It’s okay to be messy, as long as your roommate is the same way and knows what to expect! Make sure you set a routine to take out the trash too, as it can easily become a “well I did it last time” or “well it’s mostly your trash” situation!!

Additional advice: I spent my first semester abroad in Switzerland and HIGHLY recommend going abroad!! It’s such an amazing experience to travel (we were somewhere new every weekend), and there’s really no other time in your life when you can travel so easily and without other obligations. It’s an incredible experience!