As we went from one picture to the next I felt waves of emotion come over me. My little girl is growing up - getting ready to spread her wings. Paige captured dozens of wonderfully precious images that I will treasure as she does just that.

Diana (Calais, 17 y/o)

It made my heart smile seeing both my daughters looking so happy and beautiful. Seeing that sisterly bond that you captured in your photos was awesome! Thank you again for these wonderful memories.

Lisa (Bri & Johnna, 17 y/o)

I seriously cried when I saw the video...I am so happy we have these photos to always remember this special year and time in her life...thank you so much for giving us these beautiful memories!

Penny (Delaney, 18 y/o)

When I saw the pictures you took I was absolutely stunned at how beautiful I looked and how perfectly you captured each moment. It was an amazing experience. I've never felt at such ease and happy in front of a camera. Everything was fun and natural. I can't thank you enough for capturing such genuine smiles.

Nicole (18 y/o)